DELTAS2010: World Delta Dialogues

Press Conference 3/1/2011

October 17-20, 2010 - Ritz Carlton, New Orleans

DELTAS2010: World Delta Dialogue was held at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans, Louisiana from October 17 - 20, 2010. DELTAS2010 brought together a select delegation representing governments, NGOs, and the science and engineering community from across the globe, along with local and regional authorities on the world’s great deltas.

DELTAS2010 was an invitation-only, four-day, hands-on conference focused on designing sustainable development, restoration and protection scenarios for world deltaic regions, using the setting of the Mississippi Delta as the focus for the discussion. In addition to pre-conference, off-site lab sessions, tours and thematic plenary sessions, a series of facilitated, highly interactive working design charettes produced cross-disciplinary approaches to the issues facing deltas worldwide.

DELTAS2010 has resulted in a report of findings that will be shared widely and presented to organizations interested in comprehensive forecasting, best practices, technology transfer, research, and policy for deltaic regions.

DELTAS2010 is the result of a partnership between, the America's WETLAND Foundation, the Royal Netherlands Embassy, The Nature Conservancy and the Greater New Orleans Foundation, and our sponsors.

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